Rookie: Is This Gun Good To Start?

The bullets may be smaller but not the challenge.

Rookie: Is This Gun Good To Start?

Postby Scrench » Sat Nov 11, 2017 4:50 pm

Hi Everyone,

I've been shooting competition air guns for years and thought I'd give this a try. I'm thinking of buying a Ruger MK2 Government Target Model .22 lr for this (and home defense). Would this be a good starter gun?

Do you have an open iron sight division? (Can't stand scopes on a pistol)
What are the target distances and size? (1/10th scale for AP's, c-10y, p-12.5y, t-15y, r-18y)

Thank You,
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Re: Rookie: Is This Gun Good To Start?

Postby StandingTall » Sun Nov 12, 2017 11:00 am

IMO, any gun is a good gun to start with to get your feet wet.

Yes, there is an iron sight category. Targets are 3/8 scale and distances for smallbore are C-25yds, P-50yds, T-75yds, and R-100yds.

Rules can be found here:
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Re: Rookie: Is This Gun Good To Start?

Postby 260 Striker » Sun Nov 12, 2017 11:33 am

Your Ruger would be very competitive in our open sight Production category.
Where are you located so we might be able to help you find a range close by?
Welcome to IHMSA shooting. Great fun and super great people.
Don't be afraid to ask questions. IHMSA shooters are very friendly and will offer all kinds of advice and support.
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Re: Rookie: Is This Gun Good To Start?

Postby Scrench » Tue Nov 21, 2017 4:43 pm

Thank you Standing Tall and Striker.

I'm in Baton Rouge, LA home of the Bayou Airgun Club and Airgun Silhouette National Championship (rifles). I am the Pistol Airgun Match Director, so shoot sil all the time and hold the current course record of 31 with open iron sights. I decided to get a handgun for home defense and needed a reason to shoot it often. I'm not a hunter so for me that means silhouette. I've found a nearby club in Gonzales, LA that shoots at a Sheriff's range once a month, but they don't start back up until March. My Ruger should be in tomorrow (got a stainless, slab-side, MK2 Competition Target Model), so I'll be looking for a place to sight it in and get familiar with it soon. Our indoor pay-to-play ranges are all short, only 15-20 yards. I don't know which ammo to use, but I'm sure it's the same as airguns in that finding the best ammo for this particular gun will take some experimentation. Hopefully the best (or "good enough") will be cheap as well! Do you have any recommendations to start with? Thinking CCI or Federal. Now that I've read the IHMSA rules, I'd like to shoot in the Small Bore Standing Iron Sight, Field Pistol Standing Iron sight, and of course Air Gun Standing Iron Sight classes.

I printed some 3/8 size animals today and took them to a football field so I could get an idea of the degree of difficulty compared to air guns. Chickens and pigs seem almost like a gimme, but have to admit the turkeys and rams looked quite challenging at those distances. Field at 1/2 size should be fun.

I've read that many people shoot sub-sonic .22lr to avoid turbulence from cracking the sound barrier, and although I have no idea what to shoot yet, how much does the wind play a role at 75 and 100 meters? There seems to be a pretty wide swing of bullet weight and FPS in .22lr ammo, so is there an accepted standard that most people use? Wind is a non-factor with air pistols at only 18 yards.

Thanks again for your replies, and maybe I'll see you around.

See Ya' Shootin'
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Re: Rookie: Is This Gun Good To Start?

Postby Richard Pickering » Fri Nov 24, 2017 6:42 pm

Scrench, go to the Field Pistol forum and contact High Standard 40. Charlie will get you going. RP
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Re: Rookie: Is This Gun Good To Start?

Postby braud357 » Sat Nov 25, 2017 8:08 am

Hello Scrench - my name is Philip Braud, and I am the Louisiana IHMSA State Director. My brother Charlie and I run the silhouette matches in Gonzales. Ask Dustin Flint or Jerry Tureau about us - they are long-time friends. We will be starting the 2018 silhouette season in January (weather permitting). We offer .22 smallbore, 1/5th scale, Field Pistol, and Practical Hunter categories. As far as guns are concerned, your new Ruger would be a fine gun to shoot smallbore. We share match days with the NRA Lever Action Silhouette shooters - they use one side of the range and we use the other. You may get some crossover interest from us as well. I shot air pistol silhouette informally for many years. Feel free to call or e-mail me anytime if you would like to chat. Contact info - phone (225-620-7667 or email Hope to hear from you soon ! PS: cannot really offer you a place to practice (we only have access to the range one day a month), but we will help you all that we can ! PS #2: A lot of our shooters are using Wolf Match Target or SK Jagd Standard Plus (same ammo). You will be best served using Std. Velocity ammo
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Re: Rookie: Is This Gun Good To Start?

Postby Scrench » Tue Nov 28, 2017 12:20 pm

Hi Phillip,

Thank you for that warm welcome, educating me on what's going on around here, and sharing your personal info. Dustin, Jerry and I are all friends, and that TX200 Jerry shoots is the one I tuned and sold to him. Thanks for the ammo tip as well! I'll email you directly so we can chat.

Best Regards,
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