NKSSA Crittenden, KY June 24, 2012

NKSSA Crittenden, KY June 24, 2012

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Northern KY Straight Shooters Assn
Crittenden, KY

June 24, 2012

Shooter: Class Gun total

Big Bore:
Joe Puffert UAS-INT Wichita 7INT 40 + 8
Tom Wood UAS-INT Savage .708 40 + 8
Joey Frensemeier UAS-INT Nesika 6.5BR 40 + 7
Walt Sweet UAS-INT TC 6.5 X 57R 36
Richard Baird US-AAA BR 270 Max 19

Half Size:
Walt Sweet UASHS-INT TC 6 X 47 33
Joey Frensemeier UASHS-AA Nesika 6.5 BR 33

Greg Rhineheimer UAS-INT TC 40 + 1
Ricky Foster UAS-AAA Ruger 40 + 2
Ricky Foster US-B TC 3

Field Pistol:
Richard Baird PAS-INT TC 22 Hornet 34
Greg Rhineheimer PAS-AA TC 357 11

Fifth Scale:
Richard Baird UASFS-AAA Anschutz 34
Greg Rhineheimer UASFS-AA TC 36

.22 Rifle:
Hartman Pinson Anschutz 10

We had a pretty good turnout and a nice day for shooting, although it was a little hot. Joe Puffert, Tom Wood and Joey Frensemeier must like the heat as they all turned in 40 X 40’s In Big Bore. Tom and Joe both had 8 shoot off targets, but Tom left before Joe shot . Since we were unable to break the shoot off tie, we will have to call it a draw. Joey also had a 40 X 40 and knocked down 7 shoot off targets. Great Shooting, considering he took a few years off and is just getting back into shooting silhouettes. Walt Sweet and Joey also shot half scale and both knocked down 33.
The shooting was hot in .22 class also, with Ricky Foster getting his 2nd 40x40 to move to International Class. Greg Rhineheimer also knocked down 40 in UAS-INT.
Rich Baird led the way in Field Pistol with a fine 34 in PAS. Greg and Rick were our only fifth scale shooters with Greg leading the way with 36.
As you may have noticed, our match results have not been printed in the IHMSA News. I have been e-mailing the match reports to Lorene at HQ as instructed, but they have not been printed in the newspaper. I spoke to her after receiving my July issue which did not contain our match reports. She said she had inadvertently overlooked them and they should be in the next issue.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Hope to see you at one of our matches soon.
Upcoming matches:
Saturday July 21
Sunday, July 29
Saturday, August 4 (had to change date due to range conflict)
Sunday, August 26
Saturday, September 15
Sunday, September 23
Sunday, September 30
Saturday, October 20
Sunday, October 28
Class C
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