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Here is a list of Class and Aggregate Champions. There are two mistakes I know of, Melvin Calliham was unable to be at the shoot off. Thus Steve Martens should be the BB Revolver Champion. And Dave Silva was the Fifth Scale Aggregate Champion with a 153. I got this from another website. Perhaps someone will post the class winners sometime.

And the winners are

2012 World Championships - Category Champion Winners
(July 13th-20th) - Jim Fields - Match Director
UAS Champion Scott Thompson 80x80+10
Unlimited Champion Eric King 80x80
Unlimited Standing (US) Champion Jim Kesser 68x80
UASHS Champion Bob Doherty 80x80
Unlimited Half-Scale (UHS) Champion Joe Cullison 79x80
Production Champion Steve Martens 79x80
Revolver Champion Melvin Calliham 79x80
Standing Champion Joe Cullison 73x80
Aggregate Standing Champion Joe Cullison 131x160
Aggregate Half-Scale Champion Joe Cullison 158x160
5-Gun Agg. Scope Champion (Inc. AIR Entry) John Blue 398x400
4-Gun Champion Joe Cullison
3-Gun Champion Joe Cullison
High Lady Shirley Bakken 77x80
High Junior xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx
High Senior Bob Doherty 80x80+9
SMALLBORE (80 Rounds)
UAS Champion Dave Silva 80x80+13
1/5 Scale Champion (UASFS) John Anderson 80x80
1/5 Scale Open Champion (UFS) Jerry Ray 73x80
Aggregate 1/5 Scale Champion John Anderson 151x160
Unlimited Champion Michael Arden 80x80+3
Unlimited Standing (US) Champion John Richards 63x80
Production Champion Steve Martens 79x80
Revolver Champion Russell Moles 79x80
Standing Champion Gregg Dawson 59x80
Aggregate Standing Champion John Richards 117x160
4-Gun Champion Russell Moles
3-Gun Champion Russell Moles
High Lady Amanda Liddell 80x80
High Junior Jacob Weaver 63x80
High Senior Dave Silva 80x80+13
AIR PISTOL (80 Rounds)
UAS Champion Steve Martens 80x80+5
Unlimited Champion John Anderson 80x80
Production Champion Steve Martens 77x80
US Standing Champion Roland Martin 73x80
USIS Champion John Anderson 69x80
Standing Champion
Aggregate Standing Roland Smith
Roland Smith 67x80
High Junior AJ Richards
High Senior Jim Fields 80x80+2
Practical Hunter Champion-Long Bob Doherty 79x80
500 Meter Champion-Scope
500 Meter Champion-Open Jerry Ray
Steve Martens 38x40
FIELD PISTOL (80 Rounds)
PAS Champion John Richards 70x80
Production FP Champion John Richards 72x80
Bordello Champion Woody Liddell 30x80
FP Aggregate Champion John Richards 142x160
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Thanks Greg.
Would love to see the total breakdown because I'm no world champion but did okay in a couple of groups. If anyone gets ahold of those, let us know.

Thanks again,
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