Region 1 Activity. What Activity?


Region 1 Activity. What Activity?

Postby MG1Duece+ » Tue Aug 27, 2013 9:04 pm

Last posting 2012. Well this forum surely has me convinced that IHMSA is dead in this part of the country. I was looking at some of my weapons today in my gun safe. I always liked shooting IHMSA matches in Massachusetts and New Hampshire with my Thompson Contender. Then NRA moved in took over Silhouette shooting along with the housing boom closing many ranges back in the early 80's I put two brand new (1 Match) IHMSA guns in the bowels of my gun safe. My Wichita Silhouette pistol, 7mm IHMSA and my S&W Model 29 Silhouette pistol would make a debut once a year for an inspection. The Thompson Contender with changing barrels I continued to shoot from time to time until I got the IDPA/USPSA bug. Its too bad this sport was actually more fun than IDPA and USPSA. Different kind of people at a different pace.
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Re: Region 1 Activity. What Activity?

Postby braud357 » Mon Sep 02, 2013 7:10 am

Yes, it is a shame ! We are experiencing the same downturn here in Louisiana and Region 2. Our local matches have been poorly attended as of late, and we have lost several "regulars". My brother is in South Carolina attending the Region 2 Big Bore Championship - they will end the 4 day match today with about 80 entries - TOTAL ! I could not attend because of distance, finances, and lack of usable vacation time. I am sure that there are plenty others in a similar predicament. Check back from time to time - miracles have happened ! -- Philip Braud Sorrento, LA IHMSA # 13794
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Re: Region 1 Activity. What Activity?

Postby 260 Striker » Mon Sep 02, 2013 10:08 am

Same situation here in Ohio. We used to have seven active ranges now we are down to three. Our local club (Logan Handgun Association) used to hold two day matches and had 150+ entries each month. Needed to reserve times before match to be able to shoot! Now we are down to one day matches and about 50 entries. Still have the same core members in the club and will keep shooting as long as other people show up. I talk about the good old glory days of IHMSA but if you weren't there you don't really know what we are missing today. Got cataracts removed last October so can see iron sights again so I feel like I am on my second wind shooting silhouettes. Still having just as much fun now as thirty years ago. Hope IHMSA keeps going for the next generation.
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Re: Region 1 Activity. What Activity?

Postby MG1Duece+ » Mon Sep 16, 2013 10:37 pm

Look at the bright side at least you guys have a match to drive to. I just sold my S&W Model 29 Silhouette pistol two days ago. I still have my Wichita and I hate to part with it because it will close the door on a chapter of my life regarding silhouette shooting. The big flash in the pan these days is IDPA and USPSA even PPC is just about dead around here too. I think the reloading and experimenting is not interesting for the younger generations. I think we need to add cellphones and X Boxes at 200 meters!

I just happened to gather up all of my IHMSA equipment; old score cards, IHMSA Patches, IHMSA Reloading Guide for Handgun Accuracy with reloading data for my Wichita, Silhouette Shooters Digest and a Hornady Silhouette Reloading Data pamphlet with the weapon, ammo and three sets of 7mm IHMSA dies. I placed the stuff on GunBrokers.

I only started looking at this equipment because I had no more room in my gun safes. My next move is to sell three of my five M1 Garands. I been shooting machine guns since the early 80's when I was a Class 3 dealer and have a small collection of full-auto weapons. This will free up some space for more machine guns. This is where the money is. You can shoot the hell out of them and they go up in price, better than the stock market. You can't do that with any other weapon.
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Re: Region 1 Activity. What Activity?

Postby Noahspawpaw0801 » Tue Sep 15, 2015 7:27 am

Price of the Wichita and loading manual. I feel your pain.
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Re: Region 1 Activity. What Activity?

Postby Falcon » Thu Apr 28, 2016 2:17 pm

Are there ever going to be any matches in NY again?

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Re: Region 1 Activity. What Activity?

Postby Road_Clam » Mon Jan 22, 2018 3:21 pm

This is interesting, I belong to Pelham F&G in NH and we have a sweet 25/50/75/100/200 meter range all set up for silhouettes. We host a week long NRA Cowboy action national event every July. I'll ask some of my clubs higher up's if we ever hosted IHMSA events.
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Re: Region 1 Activity. What Activity?

Postby encore22 » Sun Jan 28, 2018 12:06 am

When I first started shooting silhouettes, Region 1 was a haven for matches and yes, Pelham did hold IHMSA sanctioned matches. They even held R1 matches. Spent many shooting weekends up there and met a lot of good people.
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