World Records

By Richard Kiesov

I know some will say "here he goes again trying to  change things" well I suppose it is true but for very good/sound reason. I would like to be able to go to corporations, shooting and non shooting oriented and promote our World Record Holders/IHMSA by getting sponsorships for the Record Holder personalities. Let corporations sponsor our World Record Holders as all other shooting sports, auto sports etc., etc. have done forever in the past. The people who will be affected will be only a few but the PR ramifications could be tremendous. Personalities bring the PR to a people level and that is why it is so successful in all other sports. People identify with people. I know we are and always have been an armature organization. Maybe here in the 21st century we should consider some changes. I think the involving of non shooting corporations in this manner could start the sponsorship of Internationals, Regional & State competitions, money and exposure can equal substantial GROWTH. I would even go so far as to propose a faction of IHMSA that would be completely professional whereby competitors in all classes could "shoot for loot". When in University I was a pool player. I played for fun, did OK. When I played in tournaments against other Universities I performed great. And when I played for $ I did incredible. The same was true when I would drag race for bragging rights I did good, when a few hundred bucks were on the line I took the $, and then finally professionally for $ I killed um. Not everyone has this type of mental direction, however, many do and the ones that do could create a ton of excitement for IHMSA. The folks that want to shoot as amateurs like always would continue to do so and the ones that wanted to "shoot for loot" could as well. Changes in policy/thinking is often what is needed to re-invigorate companies/organizations. 


World Records

By Richard Kiesov

Mark Sternglanz has 3 world records and a tie. First his US-Air record (80 round) is an incredible 78X80 missing the first two chickens, running the rest. Secondly, he has shot the most US-Air 40X40's with a total of 27 (grand total of 39, many shot prior to IHMSA sanctioning Air) and lastly he has the most consecutive 40X40 US-Air scores with 5 in-a-row, he was two targets away from a 10-in-a-row. All of the above records were shot with a Morini 162EI (electronic trigger) and a Leupold 6 ½ X 20 @ 20 X. The tie is with David Hassinger shooting a 39 in USIS-Air, shooting a Hammerli 480 (rear peep and front post). Is this a bunch of incredible shooting or WHAT. Mark has also shot a 78X80 aggregate with his US & USIS gun.

Next we have David Hassinger who shot the first 39 in USIS-Air. Shooting a Steyr LP-5 peep rear and post front. These two 39's by David and Mark are we think the highest open sight scores ever fired in IHMSA’s history in any class/discipline.

Richard Kiesov with the first/only 90X90 UAS-Air (with ½ size shoot-off targets) ever fired in IHMSA’s history in any class/discipline. Shooting a Morini 162EI and Leupold 6 ½ X 20 @ 20X.

And Richard again with a .242" record group in the Avanti Marksmanship. Shooting a Daisy 747 with original Daisy sights.

Dan Pool Senior record in S-Air with a 31 shooting a Daisy 747 with Bo-Mar rear and hooded front Sights.


Kyle Kiesov (@ age13) shooting a record 40X40 in 70 seconds, UAS-Air. This is the fastest time in any class/discipline in IHMSA history. Kyle has actually cut that time in half but missed a chicken or turkey for 39's. He shoots pigs and rams in 3 seconds per 5 shot string. Kyle mows all five before most folks get one shot off. He has a bunch of fun and that is what it’s all about. Kyle most Jr. 40's US-Air with 7 & most consecutive 40's US-Air with two. All the above records shot with a Steyr LP-5 with a Weaver V-16 @ 16X. Kyle with the USIS Jr. Record with a 26, shooting an IZH 46M rear peep and front post.

Jim Fields started his string of 40's UAS-Air on 11-11-03 & through 5-10-05. Jim had only shot one 40 up until that time in the creedmore position, he changed to laying prone with the gun in front of him and has never missed a target. Counting a 60 as a 40 and an 80 as two 40's his string adds up to 29 consecutive 40's and a grand total of 30. Jim shoots a Morini 162EI with a Leupold 25X. Jim is the IHMSA match director at Oklahoma City Gun Club and has been for 22 years. That could be a match director record.

Mike Stimson shot a 63X80 Production Standing Air, using a Daisy 747 with original Daisy sights (80round).

Jim Ishmael Sr. 40X40 US-Air shooting a Morini 162EI & Leupold 6 ½ X 20 @ 20X.

Stephen Guinta has the Junior US-Air record with a 38 shooting a IZH 46M and a Leupold 6 ½ X 20 @ 20X. Stephen is 15 years old and has won many HOA awards at Haltom City (truly not an easy thing to do). Stephen set a NRA National Record Last month in Sporter Air rifle. Everyone keep your eyes peeled because you are going to hear a lot about this young man.



Burris Cup Group: .256" Marty Cato, NC

Merit Challenge Group: .813 Steve Roe, NC

Weaver Trophy Group: .181 Jim Cooper, TX

Avanti Marksmanship .242" Richard Kiesov, TX


S-BB 38X40 Gordon Rysavy, TX (tie)

S-BB 38X40 Hal Simpkins, MD (tie)

Most 28+ P-Standing (one year) 14 Joseph Cullison, OR

Most 30+ P-Standing (one year) 11 Joseph Cullison, OR

Most 60+ Standing Aggregate scores (3 yrs) 34 Joseph Cullison, OR

Most record program entries (one year 2004) 68 Joseph Cullison, OR


3 AND 4 Gun Aggregate J.R. Wythe, OK


US-Air Most 40's with 27 Mark Sternglanz,TX

US-Air Most consecutive 40's with 5, Mark Sternglanz,TX

US-Air (80 round) 78X80, Mark Sternglanz,TX

USIS-Air 39X40 David Hassinger, TX

USIS-Air 39X40 Mark Sternglanz, TX

UAS-Air 120X120 plus 10 shoot-off targets (reg. size) for 130X130

Steve Byers, MI

UAS-Air Most 40's with 30, Jim Fields, OK*

UAS-Air Most consecutive 40's with 29, Jim Fields, OK*

UAS-Air 90X90 (½ size shoot-off targets) Richard Kiesov, TX

UAS-Air 90X90 (½ size shoot-off targets) Mike Stimson, TX

UAS-Air Fastest 40X40 (in any discipline/class) 70 seconds Kyle Kiesov , TX**

S-Air 63X80 Mike Stimson, TX*

S-Air 35X40 Steve Martins, MN

P-Air Most consecutive 40's (6) Steve Martins, MN

P-Air only 60X60 Steve Martins, MN

P-Air 78X80 Steve Martins, MN


115X120 Steve Martins, MN


US-Air 38X40 Stephen Giunta, TX

USIS-Air 26X40 Kyle Kiesov, TX

UAS-Air most 40's (7) Kyle Kiesov, TX

UAS-Air Most consecutive 40's (2) Kyle Kiesov, TX


US-Air 40X40 Jim Ishmael, TX

S-Air 30X40 Dan Pool, TX


Mike Stimson, TX

Texas-27, Kansas-2, New Mexico-2, Oklahoma-2, Tennessee-2, Missouri-1, Indiana-1, Idaho-1, Ohio-1, Arkansas-1, Arizona-2

*Also Sr. World Record

**Also Jr. World Record


World Records By Richard Kiesov

Have some more people to BRAG about this month. Talking to these guys is so much fun. And their accomplishments speak for themselves. Our WORLD RECORD PROGRAM will be pe posted on IHMSA’s web site for the world to view/review.

Gordon Rysavy shot a 38X40 BB Standing in January of 1991 at Greenwood Gun Club, in beautiful Greenwood TX. Gordon shot

10-10-9-9, shooting a T/C 7TCU, AA-2015 powder, 140g Sierra bullets on C-P-T and 150g bullets on the rams. Gordon is a real gentleman and it is an honor featuring his fantastic shooting. Mr. Rysavy has been around a day or two, born Oct. 1937, and lives in Southern Texas. Gordon is a heck of a nice guy and I always enjoy visiting with him. Congratulation on such incredible shooting over the years. Hal Simpkins also has a 38X40 in S-BB.

Well this guy is one of the best if not the best shooter to have ever shot silhouettes. Mr. J.R. Wythe (former IHMSA President) shot silhouettes for several years winning almost everything that could be won in our sport and then he injured his shooting hand (right hand) and was unable to shoot with his right hand. J.R. said what the heck I’ll just shoot left handed and went on to shoot 40's-60's-80's with his left hand. The darndest thing I have ever seen. Whoever is reading this just try and shoot with the other hand and eye one time. I can shoot perfect scores with some guns right handed but with my left I would be hard pressed to hit 4X40. Anyway J.R. is GREAT shooter and it is an honor to honor him in our World Records Program.

Kyle Kiesov ups his Jr. Record most 40's by one (for a total of 7 UAS-Air) shooting a 40 at the Texas State Championships @ PSC over the Memorial Day weekend. Kyle and I both lost in the shoot-off. The Steyre LP-5 can get the regular sized targets 40-60-80 but when it comes to shoot-off’s they won’t group anything like a Morini.

I have a lot of info on folks I need to write up on but month by month we will get it done.

Here are some numbers from a couple of our best shooters.

Mike Stimson our current president:

Matches, ammo fired and championship 1978-2002

Matches Shot:


BB 151 156 158 130 26 5 27,880

.22 20 50 16 15 31 7,040

FP 28 23 1,600

Air 18 68 3,560

Shots fired not including sighters 40,160




       P  S  R US 2G 3G 4G PAS Iron Man

BB   1 20 1  4   9   3    5   1        1

.22  1 3 1 2 1 1

FP   1 2           1

Total Championships-------------------------------------------------57

These are just stats through 2002.

Now John Weaver and what a bunch of good shooting he has done.


 World Records

By Richard Kiesov

Well, some more amazing shooting to go in the record books. We will start off with Joseph Cullison from Bend, Or. Joe’s home range is Central Oregon Shooting Sports Association (COSSA) where he is co-match director of handgun silhouette with his roommate Chris Minderman, Chris pushes/encourages Joe and is a whiz on reloading. Joe is 38 years old and has been shooting silhouettes for only 8 years. Joe shoots the majority of the time at COSSA but travels to Grants Pass, OR to shoot approx. ten times a year, and generally shoots the West Coast Championship in Grants Pass as well. Joe shoots almost 80% of his entries with a T/C using various barrels/calibers. About the only scoped entries he shoots are US. He shoots one US entry at each and every match he attends. Joe shoots P-Standing first as a general rule because the wind is calmer, which is generally the case most everywhere. Joe’s favorite gun/caliber is his 300 whisper T/C 10" stainless used for Standing. He is dreading wearing out that barrel. Joe’s inspiration for shooting IHMSA came from Norm Rifle of the "shoot from your hind legs and do it with a wheelgun" school of thought. Joe’s first experience watching Norm hit half of the rams at 200M with a 4" 44 Smith. Seems like a lot of us started with revolvers I know I did shooting a Ruger 10 3/4 SBH as my first silhouette gun. Joe dosn’t shoot his .357 Max revolver much any more at silhouettes, it’s a hunting gun now. Before Joe layed it to rest he did shoot a 39 revolver score and a 37 production and a 25 standing with the .357 Max. Well, Joe is the books in 4 slots. First, most BB 28+ P-Standing scores (one year) 14, secondly, most BB 30+ P-Standing (one year) 11, thirdly, most BB 60+ Agg. Scores (3 yrs) 34, and finally most BB record program entries (one year 2004) 68. All I can say is that is some darn fine shooting and much to be proud of. Keep it up and HAVE FUN.


Next we have a quite unusual record sent in by Steve Byers of Mt. Pleasant , MI. Steve shot 120X120 UAS-Air then hit ten regular sized shoot-off chickens at 18 yds. For a total of 130X130. Now that is a bunch of targets in-a-row. Steve shot an IZH46M using 8.0 CC pellets, his Baikal shoots @424 FPS and he used a BSA Air scope. The fantastic shooting was at Durand Sportsmans Club. Steve started shooting silhouettes in 1989 but did not become an IHMSA member until 1990. Steve is a young 42 yrs old and has much shooting left in him. When he started shooting there were 8 ranges in MI and now they are down to six. Here in Texas when I started shooting silhouettes there were 32 ranges and 1250 members down now to one handful of ranges and maby 300 members. We are, however starting the upward turn in membership growth (don’t know about ranges) Everyone needs to participate in gett’n a member or two to join IHMSA. Each one of us can make a difference I know I have over the past three or so years signed over 50 new members. It is not that difficult you must just ask folks, get some extra IHMSA News copies from HQ or Nancy La Croix, and get people excited about our sport. Back to Steve, he has seen many changes in IHMSA from 10 classes/categories to now 24+. Steve is not just a come and use-it-up shooter he is currently a match director @ Goodrich R&P Club and is also MI Deputy State Director. Steve lost one eye permanently and has lost some vision out of the other. He was at the deflagrates meeting in Oak Ridge, TN in 1993 when the vote was taken on using scopes and did not think much of it then but as it turns out it is about the only way he can shoot now. Steve shot the first 40 in MI with an air pistol also the first 80 and now 120. Steve does not shoot much BB because of his limited vision but still loves the sound of the clang at 200 M. Thank you very much Steve for all of your devotion and extra effort you have given to our sport and congratulations on your new world record.


Our current president Mike Stimson has done some shooting/traveling over the years to say the least. Mike has shot at 42 clubs in 11 states, says he is slow’n down a bit now.